06 December 2013

two lovely things

Look at these beautiful snowflakes! It's amazing that every one is created so uniquely. They are all spectacular, and some unexpected. Of all the creations, I feel like Father must have the most fun creating snowflakes. I think about the things that I love to do and see that no one knows about--it's good and special to have some things for ourselves. I love the idea of my Father creating each snowflake so carefully, and letting them fall and melt around his children, most of whom will never see the details. I hope this is one thing that he creates for himself. For the simple pleasure of creating.

Check out the rest of the photos here:



The second lovely thing is this song:

It moves me.

For years I've listened to this song and attributed it to ... a person. There've been a few people in my life that I thought of when I listened to this song. People that I thought I might be with "one day," as long as I waited long enough for them. Recently I felt a shift--I felt that it belongs to no one. The one it belongs to just... doesn't exist yet. Not for me. It's not about someone that is there yet, or at least in the right form and time. It belongs to someone that isn't here yet. I would wait 'til kingdom come to find that one, and it will be worth the wait. If this song moved me deeply before, it doesn't compare to what it does now.

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