04 November 2012

this is me trying to be cobie smulders

Did it work?! Two teenagers asked for pictures with me so I think it worked (one of them was a boy who had to send his little sister to ask before he'd come over).

Agent Maria Hill :)

Took so many shots to get this angle right.

Okay angle makes me look weirdly skinny. But look at my arm patch!! (only just realized it's inverted... doh)

Fun making costumes together (: He wanted to be Kristofferson; I have to admit I'm pretty proud of that mask! (the white one). Then we made the Fantastic Mr. Fox one for his bro (who didn't end up wearing it). Perfect:

01 November 2012

Awake is the New Sleep.

Go do it. Whatever it is. Awake is the new sleep. Awake is the new sleep.
So wake up
Wake up

thank you, lora!