27 February 2012

The Purpose of Art

There are a lot of different directions that I could take this. However, I would just love to focus on this one idea:

The purpose of art is to inspire. It is about excellence. Excellence never tore down anyone else, because it is good enough that it doesn't need to. True art is beauty... beauty requires humility and kindness. An artist may be more qualified or gifted than another, but their value as a person is no greater.

It's inappropriate to treat someone as a worse person because of the type of art they choose to produce or display (whether they claim themselves as artists or not), because of misunderstanding or for whatever reason.

True art is inspiring... it makes you think, or lifts you up or changes you in some way. There is such a feeling of pride and judgment in many aspiring artists today. Has it always been such? What a disappointment. There will always be someone "better" ... there will always be someone "worse." Because art is not made of numbers and you cannot measure the value of a piece. It is unattractive and ugly to see someone tear someone else down. Credibility, respect, honor ... they all disappear when that cruelty arises.

Respect, encourage, uplift, create, .... hold yourself to a high standard and always try to improve. Admire great artists and aspire. Humility comes as we admire others.


02 February 2012


I think that being there for someone when they need you is the best feeling in the world. I think that.