27 September 2012

battle born.

I can't even... express... this is one of the best albums that I have ever heard. Sure, the new Avett Bros, new Mumford, Dave Matthews, Ben Folds Five (who saw that coming?), Xx, is all exciting, but....
this is. Timeless. It's profoundly affected me already.

this song.
for me. for my children.

23 September 2012

I have a CRUSH!, a bad graphic, and a confession (actually more like a declaration as I'm not the least bit ashamed of it)

A crush. On this kid:

The bass player. RIGHT? I love his moves. He's so good. And he makes the best faces and head movements when he's playing. Love! And THEN, I heard THIS, and I got a crush on the band:

There just came a point where everyone was rocking out so hard that I had to put the camera away. I mean, these guys are awesome. And their CD is good but it's nothing compared to their live show. I can't wait to catch their next ones in Logan or Rexburg (or maybe both!), coming up. Everyone go check them out. http://www.myspace.com/thedesertnoises  ("Bible Study" is a good one) And P.S. can I just say that his bass reminds me so much of The Ocean Blue, and I haven't heard that sound since the early 90s, and it plays so right. Good on ya, kids.


A bad graphic:

 This is my summa in the city playlist. Aka the playlist I made while living in Chitown, the best big city in America. Where I turned the BEST AGE EVER. Pic on the right is from my birthday. Bottom is at a Cubs game with my best friend in Chicago, my lovely sweet salt-of-the-earth girl. So this is a pretty good playlist, go find all of those songs. [click for larger]


A confession:

I am so, so, so, so happy to be here. I can't even believe it. It's funny how sometimes what you really want is in front of you all the time, and when you finally accept it, you feel so right and so settled. I am so happy. Sometimes you feel pushed or pulled and you don't know why but you end up in the place, or meeting the people, or becoming the person that is most fulfilling. The Lord's plan is always better than the one that you have for yourself. And it is especially better than the one that I had for myself :) Life..... life! It's the best.

12 September 2012


Hey, remember that time in 1971 when the the entire Saturday Morning Session of General Conference consisted of Joseph Fielding Smith, Spencer W. Kimball, Marvin J. Ashton and Ezra Taft Benson?

Augh suuuch a gooood era!!! The 70s were the best!

10 September 2012

nice :)

discovered on the radio last night; if a radio station in utah will play this, i'm soooo excited about living here. everything is so beautiful. the roads are open, the trails are runnable, my friends surround me, life is good.

I don't like you.

or me. aaand dropping it.
yay for growing up!

05 September 2012


After a month of lacking inspiration, or the inclination to share it with the world, and in a spirit of lightheartedness (at last!), I write.

I first wish to address the delight of listening to the novel "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society," which I originally thought sounded like a horrid novel about a women's gossip and bridge association. How wrong I was! My most vivid regret is simply that I do not have a British accent, and never will. I certainly would be a much more charming young lady (for I am now twenty-four, turning such being the most fantastic feeling and most wonderful day! What a fantastic feeling to be a real lady!). I would have gentlemen doting on me from the front door to the end of the block (but of course I would turn them all away and fall in love with my gardener). Sigh. It's so lovely to listen to British voices reading memories and stories about the German occupation, dear friends and happy, simple island life on the isle of Guernsey, where some of my ancestors lived.

I so wish to live there now... And even more I wish to write. To write and write, to meet lovely people, to love them and to write about them.

What a wonderful world. What wonderful people there are *everywhere* and how happy they are to talk to us, and to be known. What a hilarious, informative and touching novel.

I feel so happy when that sly, uncontrollable bubble of laughter moves in me, like when Juliette describes her pompous former fiancé who, when moving his things into her flat the day before the wedding, packed her books into several wooden boxes and replaced them with his dozens of sporting trophies. She demanded that he put them back and broke up with him on the spot! (and later laughed in irony when her flat was bombed, because if she had put her boxes of books in the basement as he wished, she wouldn't have lost a single one). Or when Oscar Wilde wrote a young girl letters informing her of the 3rd life of her deceased cat, as a musketeer adventurer cat in a castle in France. Or right now, driving through Wyoming with my mother, laughing at rocks on hills that shape themselves as bears and squirrels.

I am undeniably charmed by Midwest smalltown life. I cannot get enough of it, right in the very moment that I am returning to the West. Driving through Indiana, mid Illinois, Michigan, Iowa... my heart! If only I could live forever in those brushing corn fields, painted with golden-rose light in the setting summer sun... I can't explain why my heart catches in my throat driving those roads, and knowing I am leaving. A piece of my heart will remain in Indiana, and in those roads between Chicago and Champagne, and may never be returned.

  BTW TYPOGRAPHY ANNUAL!!! <3 span="span">