09 December 2011

Earth II

More Earth-like planets found :) in the habitable zone....


02 December 2011

Interest-Based Advertising

Recently I searched a few things on google... suddenly I noticed that those things showed up in nearly all advertisements that were posted on other random websites I've visited. (for example, a few weeks ago, I searched "topographical map" to find some images for a graphic design project). I just visited a random website, and the side banner was stock images of topographical maps).

I looked into it... Google calls this "interest-based advertising." You can find some information here in their advertising/privacy section.

To be quite honest, I'm kind of bothered by it. I'm not sure why... I just am. It is a tactic that will bring them more money, and probably make more people in the world spend money that they shouldn't be spending. They're taking my personal searches and information and tailoring my ads to them--I feel like I should be grateful, because at least they're not advertising things that don't interest me--I suppose that would be more annoying?

But ... just because I searched something doesn't mean that I want that particular thing. Now that my project is over, I could care less about topographical maps! It just seems so sneaky of them to advertise this way. Not to mention, how do they decide that that company even DESERVES that advertising?

I don't particularly care that Google is taking over the world; they practically deserve it for all they've done to make my life and millions others easier. However, it does bother me a bit that they have such a monopoly over advertising and searching. I'm sure you could just slip them an extra bit of cash and they'd move your search up, right? It's possible.

I guess I should mention that you can "opt out" of this interest-based advertising. I guess I can mention that. BUT. It's hidden in all of their fine print. Even * I * didn't have the energy to read through that whole link, and I'm the one complaining. Our world is so apathetic that they just take whatever is dished to them without blinking twice (it's like thinking twice, but you blink instead--because if they were thinking even once, they wouldn't put up with the crap that they do).

And so I will always be one person wondering if anyone else in the world cares about anything.

I have to believe that mankind still has potential. Sometimes I am disappointed in the behaviors and attitudes of people around me. I am disappointed in the dispassion and momentary pleasure and frailty that people seek as they fake their way through love. If it was real, it would be a thousand steel bands. I am disappointed that anyone would seek the easy way out, when it encourages any human not to earn the worthwhile things of this world.

I am pleased with those who find a higher way of living and sacrifice for it. I believe that each man has the potential to have a fulfilling life, if they are willing to work for it.