04 December 2013

kisses for all the boys who never pressured a girl!

Because I just ♥ you so much.

I read this article and was sad to read about what many people face. It's a concern that people have everywhere, regardless of their personal standard, or whether or not they choose to be abstinent before marriage.

The truth is that sex is a special and intimate expression of love, and you really, truly give a piece of yourself to someone when you're physical with them. It's a major emotional connection in a relationship. Speaking of any physical engagement, it's never okay to pressure someone, OR to punish them emotionally/mentally because they won't do what you want (acting angry, freezing them out, threatening them with breakup, trying to convince them you're in the right--this is not the same as communication/discussion, which can be essential). Being physical is important; it creates bonds, it feels good. We luv it. Yay! But everyone has a different timeline and comfort level, and we must respect that about each other.

If a relationship is to maintain balance, physical development should grow with friendship, respect, time, commitment, acceptance, trust, etc. Trust is something to be earned. It's a lovely thing.

Every girl and boy is beautiful and unique, in their character and spirit, and even in their timeline. It's okay to take time in life, to get things right, and to enjoy every moment.

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